Project Description

Beaumaris Primary School

Modscape designed and constructed new prefabricated learning spaces and associated amenities for Beaumaris Primary School. The school chose a modular solution to enable them to quickly meet their accommodation demands following the removal of classrooms as part of the Asbestos Safety Program.

Modscape collaborated with Sensum Group to create a permanent modular solution that includes eight teaching spaces and two computer classrooms, plus associated amenities for students and staff.

The new permanent modular building offered a fast and efficient solution for the school. The construction was complete in just 12 weeks, off-site at Modscape’s modular construction hub in Brooklyn, with the modules being installed in a day during the school holidays to avoid disrupting staff and students.

Recessive curved walls add dynamic interest whilst the timber cladding acts as a wayfinding solution to define the entrances. Internally, a bold material palette enhances the design’s vibrancy and encourages creativity. High-performing acoustic panelling and double-glazed windows are used in forward-thinking volumetric modules, creating a comfortable learning environment for the students of today and for generations to come.

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