Project Description

Ringwood North Primary School Victoria

Comprised of 22 modules, Huntingdale Primary School’s new classroom building uses the school’s bilingual curriculum as inspiration for a unique and flexible learning facility.

Built as part of the Government’s Permanent Modular School Building program and with design by BRAND Architects, the building is comprised of eight flexible learning spaces, two resource hubs, a breakout space and staff and amenities areas.

Huntingdale’s bilingual curriculum sees half of its classes conducted in English and the other half in Japanese. This delivery instructed the building layout to allow a seamless flow of classes between the two languages. Learning spaces are paired to facilitate this flow, while glazing between classrooms provides a physical barrier and sound privacy alongside visual transparency to ease staff coordination. In addition, large bi-folding doors provide flexibility and allow the dual rooms to be opened up into one large space for bigger group activities and lessons.

The new learning spaces are positioned around the breakout space, which is used for withdrawal, wet area activities and other learning activities. This intelligent positioning means the breakout space doubles as circulation space, eliminating the need for wasteful corridors. A double-height ceiling and generous highlight windows allow natural light to penetrate the rooms, embracing the benefits of biophilic design while also enhancing the idea of space. ⁠

The layout of the floorplan was not the only element influenced by the bilingual curriculum, however. The new building features a simple and minimalist aesthetic inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. Meanwhile, the interior palette is comprised of the varying blue shades of the Huntingdale school colours.

Externally, the building features a brick façade, an element indicative of Modscape’s continual commitment to innovation. The brick is a low-maintenance option for the school that simultaneously ties the new building in with the existing school landscape.

BRAND Architects’ design for the space was embraced by Modscape and optimised in order to meet our modular perimeters of up to 15m. The result is an efficient permanent modular education facility that meets the needs of the school curriculum.

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